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Aug 02, 2011


Jimmy Joneseley

http://larouchepac.com/node/18977 The Super Congress is Obama's latest unconstitutional effort to work with Wall Street and the corrupt credit rating agencies of London to collapse the U.S. economy. This is a foreign-led British coup against the U.S. Constitution and our sovereign nation. It is unnecessary to sell government bonds to raise capital, when there is a clear directive of the Federal Constitution to have an economic policy based on a credit system. The U.S. government needs a credit system to directly fund the real physical economy in areas of agriculture, industry, transportation, and scientific research.


I've had my fill of committees that are put together with Democrats and republicans. McConnell was already on Fox saying no republican on the committee would agree to increasing taxes. As long as they are anti-tax republicans they are worthless for caring about Americans who need protection of Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. We should stop the wars and stop reckless spending, but taxes on millionaires and billionaires are required to have more revenue coming into the government.

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