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Aug 03, 2011



"Dissent" is what America was founded on and I suggest the Department of Homeland Security read the US Constitution, which they ALL swore to uphold under the laws of this nation. While OUR troops are away, fighting for our freedoms, Corporations have PURCHASED?took over ( Hostile) our government. Under their dictatorship, they are creating ( with our money) " special-ops" already and secret little manipulations of OUR laws to steal our nation that Many have died and fought to REALLY defend our freedoms, Including Many Native Americans. They are step by step dismantling Our freedoms and civil liberties. If Homeland Security and the entire alphabet that we pay to protect us and our freedoms, really did their jobs, Corporations wouldn't be occupying OUR offices and buildings and/or OUR military would be here tossing them out! It is madness what has been done to America and the world. This world domination Insanity! These death squads " special-ops", mercenaries extinguishing potential threats, Is that what they have in mind for Americans whom have the right and duty to always question " THEIR" government.? ALL of this is why the evil, soul-less entity ( Now our government) wants to get rid of OUR social programs, cause they want to go back to Pay taxes, get nothing days! They want OUR tax dollars, plus interest! Homeland Security also belongs to the American PEOPLE!

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