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Aug 23, 2011


Water Leak Repair

I am waiting for the day when there is no nuclear plants, no nuclear weapon in the world. Because one small mistake regarding nuclear issue can cause plenty of humans to die.


This is really scary. I wonder why people tend to do these nuclear reactors knowing that it can be harmful.


How interesting (and typical) that I didn't see a word from the media or any statements issued from the government regarding any possible threats from nuclear reactors that may have been affected and/or damaged.

Emile Zola

A tragedy, any tragedy as with beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder and the proof is in the pudding. This magnitude of Earthquake would have passed, almost, un-noticed or blamed as a war between gangs and there the reason for Californians to make fun of those panic driven Yankees.
But I feel your pain. People who are driven by panic can't take it as others used to much greater and devastated than any thing the East can experience. I recall how, not too long ago, DOD was trying to film a recruiting ad and sent Air Force one for such endeavor and lo and behold, NYC went into panic mode and one fire-crack becomes an atomic bomb. As for that baloney how grave and serious the incident could have become, well, it's also another the sky is falling from the chicken littles of this "brave" nation.
As bad as the situation is today, thanks to tea partiers, republicans, this is just trivia pursuit in comparison. Imagine that Eric Cantor the neo-Nazi representative of where the earthquake happened, vowed to withhold money to the citizens unless money could be found anywhere but the richest of the rich and to think that this Nazi at heart gets elected over and over and their citzenry almost homeless. It’s like asking for more blood from a corpse. I wish I could slapped those dummies to wake them up of that masochist high.


Go God! Nuking the House Republicans!


We wouldn't have produced any significant amount of nuclear waste if we'd been allowed to use breeder reactor technology. Breeder reactors are too dangerous, so goes the mythology, so apparently nuclear waste is not. Geothermal energy is touted as "renewable". The reason the Earth's core is still molten giving us the magnetic field that protects us from ionizing solar and other space radiation -- the decay of Uranium and other fissionable elements. But uranium is bad. Everyone knows that.


To all the nuke-lovers talking about coal: there is nothing wrong with trying to improve the way nuclear power is done in the US.

That coal kills more people is, well great, but a red herring.

We are trying to make sure nuclear power is carried out in a way that would be safer than it is being done now. Can you understand this, or is too complicated?

>6000 US troops were also killed due to our oil "strategic interests" in the middle east -- that is not an argument to not improve the way nuclear power is done.

Please try to have a point if you post about coal.


In 30 years, North Anna has generated 1200 metric tons of nuclear waste, about 109 cubic meters of uranium dioxide.

Every day, a coal power plant needs about 5 1/2 train car loads of coal, or about 781 cubic meters of coal per day. Which all ends up as CO2 in the air or toxic ash that needs to be carefully disposed of.


yeah, and bullets don't kill people , bleeding does


Excellent post. Thank you. While the spent fuel ponds may not be required to have back up energy, it would be good to find out if the North Anna ponds do or do not. If not, what is the status of the ponds?


Man in his all knowing wisdom is determined to destroy himself.


Even with an unprecedented magnitude 5.9 earthquake occurring this year, Virginia will still not have a single person killed by nuclear power, but will bury 100 coal miners this year just like they did last year and the year before that and the year before that... The irony continues unabated as the Luddites win again.

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