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Aug 18, 2011


Emile Zola

In other words, what the author is trying to tell us is that we are up the creek without a paddle. Obama, not necessarily a democrat and some democrats that look and act more and more like republicans imply that the goose is cooked and we are in it for the ride. It's stupid that the Obama administration on the hands of Goldman Sacks, they are going to do any thing and any thing against them, quite the opposite, they'll find the way to bill us for the corrupt practices of Wall Street and what is worse, I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Obama will easier go after Bush and his war crimes than go after his proteges. The second coming of Christ looks more and more appealing all the time. At least we will see Obama war criminals and corrupt Wall Street get their well deserved hell.

Bob Pitchalonis

Why isn't something like this illegal?


This is so insane I really don't have the proper words and that is a fact!!!

Helen Gori

I would expect NO MORE from the combined efforts of Congressman Issa and those who inhabit the shadowy world of investment banking.

I was wondering why Rep Issa was not making more noise, getting more attention, and now I know. He was busy working out the details of his distortion of the use of regulatory powers. I am sure that his political campaigns and those who will be willing to sign over there consciences to be considered a 'friend' will not lack donations from those at Goldman and the other firms that he will assist.

A. D. Jackson

Derivatives are something that escaped SEC and are poorly understood if at all. Derivatives do need investigation at the outset. Regulation to prevent skullduggery may arise later.

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