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Aug 06, 2011


richard wyeroski

I also am a victim of the failure of the OSC under Scott Block to protect my rights under the law.

My original complaint was dumped from the OSC computer system in 2005.(case # MA-05-0794)

When I was fired as an FAA safety inspector for reporting problems in the field, FAA illegal fired me and lied to a ALJ judge during the hearing. Effectively FAA committed a fraud upon the court and got away with it.

I never thought this happen in our country

So Block beat the system and is free to do more harm and my Victim Impact Statement is not worth the paper it is written on!

To Bad for us all!

Richard Wyeroski, Former FAA Inspector
FAA Whistleblowers Alliance Member

Dr. Jeff Condit

I am a direct victim of Block and his sociopathic conduct during his tenure with the OSC. Since being victimized, I have written certified letters to Judge Lambert offering my strong opinion that the man deserved AT LEAST a month in jail. To now learn that he avoided this relatively meager consequence is truly disheartening. The DOJ, like so many other agencies in Washington, is broken and ineffective. I am disgusted. The only hope that I have is in the knowledge that he can not avoid passing at least some of his sociopathic traits on to his offspring. And, when they reach their teen years and beyond, they will predictably cause him and his wife problems. Sorry, Scott. One way or the other you will reap what you have sown. My best advice would be for you and your wife to go to your nearest Catholic church, kneel with heads bowed and pray that your kids somehow avoid the warped trail that you have blazed for them.

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