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Aug 31, 2011


Mohamed Cassam

military aid to Egypt and Pakistan ain't what we are told. In reality its corporate welfare for our ARMS MAKERS, NO CASH TRNSFERS ARE MADE. Here is the flow of funds
Treasury to Pentagon via K Street
Pentagon chooses which arms to export
These are second rate and overpriced
In case of Egypt checked by Israelis
Arms then exported
Grossly overpriced spares must be bought with cash
All along money passes through lots of sticky fingers, especially in K Street and onto to Congress

Bruce E. Woych

War as peace and perpetual war is now a serial set of "contingencies" where death by committee is the political conscience played out as ritual cleansing.



Immanuel Kant
"Perpetual Peace: A PHILOSOPHICAL SKETCH " (edited)
Kant's fundamental postulate about Natural Law and Order corrupts his own genius and insights and dooms it to failure from the start. As with the earlier treatise on Jus Bellum it becomes a philosophical doctrinaire that is easily distorted in the normative streams of political discourse.

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