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Jul 13, 2011


Maureen Kavanagh

What is this the day and age of Tammany Hall where a hammer costed $500? Give me a break And the US Army needs to remember that it is our money that they are wasting..Damn right they need to demand a refund! And NOW!

Robert Olcott

Kudos to the Summer Interns, and their Boeing/War Profiteering video (could it be aired on national television as an ad, or through a Sixty Minutes/Anderson Cooper show?)


I got my numbers confused. The $771 million was the JSF over run that Lockheed is making $77 million off of. Oops, doesn't it just suck when you make $77 million off yet another screw up? Gee, no conflict of interest to see here as well. ATK has a $77 million development contract to build a new bullet for US tanks. Of that they will clear $8 million in profit. They build tank bullets now. That's one of their main lines of business, yet they can't be bothered with spending their own money to develop their own line of products? That's a rip off! What's going on with those helicopter parts is nothing. It is chump change. Boeing is not going to cheat the Army for that. Why kill the goose that laid the golden egg? I am very disappointed in what POGO chooses to focus on, especially in this case where the contractor did nothing wrong.


This story was lame in the 1970's when everyone was up in arms about the $100 coffee pot on the C-5. These contractors are taking the US government for billions and POGO continues to search the couches for pocket change. Good job, defense industry lap dogs!

Hey, here's a thought. The Army just gave ATK a $771 million dollar contract to develop fancy new bullets for their tank guns. ATK (formerly Morton Thiokol of Challenger explosion fame) stands to clear at least $77 million from that contract. If they have a few problems along the way, those millions in development funds could easily turn into billions. I'm sure it is just a coincidence that their profit would go up right along with those costs. Yeah, real remarkable. The Army is going to buy these bullets by the millions, but naturally has to pay a multi billion dollar company like ATK if they're going to get a nice shiny new model. Too bad none of their foreign customers will pay any part of those development costs (yet another part of the scam POGO ignores).

Does POGO have anything to say about that? Hell no! But look, didn't that guy just steal a quarter from the coffee fund jar? Go get 'em lap dogs!

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