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Jul 27, 2011



Many of the Agility garbage then jumped from Agility to a company called Inchcape Shipping Services and now corruption them.

Um Qasr HR

What about those that "represented" PWC at DynCorp, then became part of the formation of TAOS. TAOS was formed, partly, because PWC wanted to do base maintenance in the U.S. but had to be a U.S. company.
That notwithstanding, I was in Iraq for PWC for a loooonnggg time. I got in more and more trouble for asking about improper use of food, money and facilities. So, I got fired and screwed out of my $17K bonus.
HOWEVER, I have a full image file of my computer, but never have been contacted by DOJ. I'd be glad to hand it off.
The really funny part is that one of the upper level PWC people in Iraq now has a consulting firm that "guides" companies on how to procure, handle and execute military contracts. LMFAO!! The first time I met him was the three times he had to create (not correct--CREATE) his time sheets for the prior three months.


There are plenty of LOGCAP Alum that bounced from KBR to Agility & beyond:

LTG (RET) Joe Cosumano, KBR to Agility DGS (TAOS)
LTG (RET) Paul Cerjan, KBR to L-3 to Agility (GCC) to Agility DGS
MG (RET) Perry Dalby, KBR to Agility (GCC) to Tamimi
Steve Gulyas, KBR to Agility DGS to L-3

To name a few

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