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Jul 20, 2011



When you look at the Yellow Pages legislation, it puts dictatorial powers into the hands of an unelected person or commission with the power to cause the liquidation of public assets and/or to force government functions which may be operating very efficiently and effectively (consider a municipal water and sewerage district) and force its privatization. In my large Ohio city (Columbus) metro 1.6 M people) the Columbus water and sewer systems probably serve 1.2 million people and has physical assets worth tens of billions of dollars. How can an unelected person turn around and say that public assets worth 5 billion dollars should be turned over to a private operator who now has to finance public assets already bought and paid for with taxpayers money, a system that runs efficeintly be suddenly put to servcie for profits with a company who wants to deliver an absolutely critical public function with massive public safety of the water supply implications, massive downstream pollution concerns that would have effects that reached to the Gulf of Mexico? Every rate payer would see their bills increase, service on the system would slow down, and put people at risk. That is what is in the law.

It is an unconstituitonal delegation of the power of the legislature to manage the public purse to the executive as well. If this was just stupid, that would be one thing, but it is part of the long term Milton Friedman agenda to outsource everything that is not nailed down, and ALEC sees its role to help implement that nasty vision.

By the way, Friedman also wished to eliminate professional licensure because he called it a market distortion, and if you want brain surgery, you should just go to a non-licensed surgeon who has proven in the market place that he didn't kill too many people, or that he strongly advocated privatizing the National Park System and by extension, you can extrapolate that the state and local park systems should also be privatized. Read Capitalism and Freedom if you don't believe this.

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