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Jul 20, 2011



You say deep space but what does this actually mean when they refer to this. Could this mean reaching our next closest planet? Or are they talking of further than this.

Thomas Lee Elifritz

Some of it is available in the public domain.


related to the development of a future heavy-lift rocket that is intended to send astronauts into deep space.

One of the problems the wonks are having with this rocket is that there is no identified intent to use it for astronauts or anything else. The legislation says to build a big rocket with a certain lift capability by a certain date. It says not a word about what the rocket is supposed to do, what payloads should be developed to put on it, what missions the payloads are supposed to enable.

So, and considering which members of Congress (FL, AL, TX, UT) are pushing for the rocket, the suspicion that it's purely a pork project is strong.

What the inner circles at NASA are thinking and saying might be revealed by your FOIA, and I wish you luck with it.

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