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Jul 19, 2011


Emile Zola

Calling our "justice" system justice is an oxymoron, a travesty of real justice.
How can this system be called justice, when known, not perceived, war criminals are let go free and the same policies that made a mockery of this judicial system are still in place. The CIA is still operating-ahem-undercover blacks boxes, torture of prisoners, with torture methods that if prisoners were allowed to choose, they would rather go to a Chinese jail than one operated by this "Christian and democratic" nation.
This "judicial system" allows innocent prisoners be condemn to death and hadn't been for the Innocence proyect, the numbers, I'm sure, would have rivaled those of the old USSR "judicial" system.
How can there be justice if the people who complain about government malfeasnaces, crimes are the ones that pay dearly with their careers for something they should have hailed as heroes. It was reported in Frontline how aan Army sergeant that reported war crimes to his OIC had to watch over his shoulder every minute so as to not become another "casualty" of war for upholding his oath to defend the Constitution. Nobody likes a party pooper and in war, in politics, in every endeavour, the heroes, true heroes are considered traitors and the true criminals, war criminals are considered "heroes." If this is justice, then I'm Superman.


I don't understand why this story has not got more traction.

The legal ramifications notwithstanding, NSA analysts insisted the MITRE Corporation-created "ThinThread" worked,
for a mere $3M dollars whereas the SAIC built 1.6 billion-dollar,"Trailblazer" did not.

I guess in any war truth is the first casualty.

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