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Jul 13, 2011



Carol, I agree, too many lives impacted. Allowing a do-over would be an afront to every victim of Bloch's actions.

Carol Czarkowski

I agree with Joe Carson. A month seems like a very short punishment for the many lives Bloch must have made major changes to by his destruction of information on investigations, and mine may have been one of them.

Just Mad

Hold his feet to the fire! Dismissing Whistleblower complaints without investigation in inexcusable. Sounds like Bloch was in bed with many Inspectors General, trying to cover-up legitimate complaints. He has shined the light on the need for enhanced Whistleblower protection, but shown that enhanced protection is an impossible dream with people like Bloch in charge.


He may have also realized that serving time for contempt of congress might deprive him of his law license

Joe Carson

I suggest POGO help organize a amicus curiae brief opposing Bloch's motion

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