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Jul 27, 2011


Phoenix Accident

Interesting. Maybe they could also check the pilot's barracks or wherever it is that the pilots go to that are similar to each other. They might find something from there if it isn't because of the planes.


Par for the course. Killing our pilots, eh? The entire Lockheed Martin development team (exec level), plus blue suit program management (O-6 and flags) should be forced to work for a week in an office meant to simulate the ambient air in an F-35 cockpit. Those left standing and alive will then be asked to testify before Congress about what a swell job they have done.


Just wait until this is no longer the top jet fighter in the arsenal and all the stories about what a crappy place the cockpit of that particular fighter jet is come out. Seriously, you can't imagine what a hell hole that is. No one would put up with it except if you complain, then you get to fly 30 year old F-15s instead and your right hand stops killing your left hand when you tell your "there I was" stories in bars at night. What a F'ed up program, right from the start...

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