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Jul 12, 2011



What's an even more urgent problem is Dr. Gutmann's non-actions as Chair of the Presidential Commission on Bioethics. There were targeted individuals who are being tortured and criminally assaulted who risked their lives to testify to Dr. Gutmann and the Commission whose torture included electromagnetic assaults, mind control, harassment and torture 24/7, isolation, being falsely profiled, etc. This domestic terrorism and criminal assault, paid for by United States taxpayers, seems to me to be a much bigger problem of waste, fraud and abuse and I would hope that POGO would watch the video on YouTube under Presidential Commission on Bioethics and find out if Dr. Gutmann has taken any action, including a request that Congress investigate the matter. I am one of those victims and tried contacting POGO years ago about this problem and it could be my correspondence was 're-routed' but I never heard back from POGO. There are real victims of waste, fraud and abuse and some of the victims of this involuntary human research have died because of it. I would hope POGO would look into this and other abuses by the intelligence community and military and civilian agencies by rogue individuals who don't reflect the vast majority of good people within those organizations who are conducting themselves in a professional and ethical way.

I think sometimes there is a disconnect between investigative reporting, and sometimes the accolades that a journalist receives, and actual help for the victims of which the journalist writes about.

jeri simmons

It is beneficial to all of us when POGO looks into waste, fraud and abuse. Regarding Dr. Amy Guttman's non-actions when it comes to the fraud and ghostwriting of some Faculty about prescription drugs, there is a much more urgent matter which is Dr. Guttman's non-action as Chair of the Presidential Commission on Bioethics. There were victims of nonconsensual human research that testified to Dr. Amy Guttman and the Commission (see the video on YouTube under Presidential Commission on Bioethics). These involuntary human research subjects whose torture included mind control, electromagnetic assaults, isolation, being falsely profiled and falsely accused of mental problems in order to marginalize them, etc, risked their lives by testifying. I am one of those victims and am terrorized everyday by a 'citizen's militia' and am assaulted with directed energy weapons. I am paying for my own torture, through my tax dollars, and I wish POGO would look into this terrorism and crime. There are people no longer with us who were tortured as involuntary human research subjects. I pray that other victims can hang on until this horrible problem is addressed. Thank you. My name is Jeri Simmons at [email protected]

Chris Myers

I'm with POGO: My civil rights have been gravely taken advantage of. I had surgery less than 2 months after moving to a particular state in the US. When the swelling went down, I knew something wasn't right. This doctor, whom I barely knew, obviously and willfully placed an illegal implant(s) in my right large toe and grave things have happened with this. He did not inform me, he did not consult with me--nothing, not prior, during or after surgery nor has he even sent me a bill for this. I found the following on your site, and have been in touch with others who went to the Bioethics Committee and I too feel Ms. Gutman should step-down.

Suzanne LeBoeuf

We at Electro Well, Inc. (www.CointelproToday.org) also ask that Ms. Gutmann step down.

We are an organization of human test experiments who have already approached Ms. Gutmann and the Bioethics Committee. We have had no success in obtaining any further investigative activities to help the cause of stopping all non-consenting human experimentation. We at Electro Well, Inc. also ask that Amy Gutmann be investigated herself beyond stepping down because she has not answered our requests to have our complaints investigated or addressed in some way by the Commission.

John M. Nardo MD


As you say, the people in high places that don’t act to protect the integrity of academic institutions are as guilty as the offenders. What else are they for, if it’s not that? And what good is a Bioethics Commission if its members are there for the prestige, and miss the point of the task at hand?

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