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Jul 06, 2011


Ben Freeman

Thanks for the comments.

John and Linda: in order for his figure to be accurate he would have to be counting contractors. However, he explicitly says DoD civilians, and as a former SecDef he would know that these are distinct from contractors in a number of ways (not the least of which are cost to taxpayers and control through the command structure). Also, it's hard to imagine Rumsfeld would make an argument for reducing the number of contractors considering that under his tenure as SecDef they reached unprecedented levels.

Lindsey: Well put - I wholeheartedly agree. Drones and other robitic equipment can be vastly cheaper and more effective than manned equipment. More importantly, they help to keep our service men and women out of harm's way. They show that it's possible to maintain our military advantage at a fraction of the cost to taxpayers. Reducing spending on Defense does NOT mean reducing our security.


He must have been referring to the number of employees hired by the govt contractors. isn't it more than 50%. Listen carefully to this man's words; he's letting facts slip out-he's the one that said Bin ladin had doubles recently. I wish he would just tell us everything he knows, but its " top secret?" Linda Joy Adams


Does this include the mercenaries hired to replace troops in Afganistan?

Lindsey Hitchcock

Penny pinching is patriotic, and so is investing in innovation. The Air Force is now training more joystick (UAV/Drone) pilots than bomber/fighter pilots. UAVs can cost as much as $10 Million dollars, but thats cheap compared to $360 Million per F-22. US military power does not hinge on one specific piece of equipment (be it a plane, tank, missile); it hinges on innovation, research, modernization, and ability to break from the status quo.

Newsweek article on the topic here:http://www.newsweek.com/2009/09/18/attack-of-the-drones.html

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