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Jun 29, 2011


Martin Edwin "Mick" Andersen

It was William Faulkner, in Requiem for a Nun, who perhaps said it best: "The past is never dead. It's not even past."

I found that out last month when, almost exactly 10 years after being the first national security whistleblower to win the Office of Special Counsel's "Public Servant Award," I found myself again having to be a whistleblower.

Then it was as a senior advisor for policy planning for the Criminal Division's international training programs.

It was my whistleblower disclosures that sparked a three-year criminal investigation of the Criminal Division by the Department's Inspector General (IG), as well as a probe of personnel practices involving whistleblowers by the U.S. Office of Special Council (OSC). http://www.osc.gov/documents/press/2001/pr01_16.htm

Now it involves one of the Department of Defense's five international Regional Centers. Stay tuned ...

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