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Jun 15, 2011


Richard Bienvenu

Being a New Orleanian and having lived in the city most of my life I take exception to the comment about New Orleans sinking more year after year. This is just absolute ignorance and is unfortunate that a lot of people seem to believe this.

The fact is that the city is NOT sinking. 50% is at or above sea level. The places below sea level are drained swamps. Had it not been for the poor design and management of the Corps of Engineers' flood control structures the city never would have been inundated.

The idea of moving an entire city of hundreds of thousands of people with dozens of historic neighborhoods not to mention tens of thousands of historic homes is just absolutely ridiculous. So where would you move it to? And how many trillions of dollars would that cost? On top of that have you forgotten that New Orleans is a major sea port where YOU get a lot of your goods and things you eat?

I'm just amazed that anybody would even think that. Although we did have some just as ignorant politicians that voiced those same ideas.

Would you move Los Angeles, New York, Miami?

The main reason New Orleans is vulnerable right now is because we have lost a lot of our coastline due mostly to Corps of Engineer incompetence by not allowing the river to flood below New Orleans and that keeps the land from building. We've lost thousands of acres of cypress swamp that act as a buffer to storm surge. So the Gulf of Mexico is coming closer and closer to our city.

On top of that the oil industry for years has been cutting into our swamps for passageways and pipelines that allows for the encroachment of salt water into our freshwater swamps thus destroying those swamps. Did you know that 30% of YOUR energy comes through Louisiana. So we have to bear the brunt of all this so YOU can drive your car and heat your home in the winter.

We are trying to turn all this around but Congress is slow to act as is the Corps. We lose about a square mile of coastline daily. But it does not have to be like. It can be turned around quickly if we are provided with the resources we need to do what needs to be done. But all this is slow in coming. And New Orleans sit here completely expose to surge from violent storms from the Gulf of Mexico.

You can read more about Harry Shearer and the Big Uneasy here.

Elliott Lugo

It gets better folks. The hurricane itself was man made. Our government in partnerships with big business have practically perfected a weapon of mass destruction. Weather controlling technology. When a former president of Yale's skull and boneheads society stands on a stage after a town was destryed by "tornadoes" claiming that all this bad is happening because we, the little peeps, are to focused on chasing money. It becomes obvious to me and confirms my suspicions about weather controlling tech. That was Bill Clinton. I grew up in New Haven and realized the organized crime families are more trustfull then Yale and especially politics. Clinton is still my favorite president during my time. The the best president ever was George Washington.

Joyce Byers

FBI knew well in advance BECAUSE I reported it to Curtis Collier in 1986. I gave FBI recorded evidence that the levee was being built with substandard material that did not meet specs, as a result of corruption by a vast number of people including the COE. Countless companies and their employees & public officials and political offices WERE taking bribes and kickbacks. Go to the FBI to ask questions about the whistleblower who tried to save lives way back before the levee eventually collapsed. It is difficult to convince folks about a tragedy in the making. It was just UNBELEIVABLE everybody said. That's the FBI for you! They - the FBI - could have saved thousands of lives and prevented so much destruction and MONEY too! But the FBI didn't want to pursue because they deemed it impossible that the levee would collapse. And too, they just thought I was a lunatic! And they didn't want to expend the time & money, don't you know? You would think that recorded evidence of conversations between the conspirators would go way beyond what they considered to be my lack of credibility, wouldn't you? Steve knight is dead, so he can't tell what he did or what he knew. Other conspirators are dead or dying as well. Soon nobody will be left to speak the TRUTH about the murder of New Orleans! Have a nice day, Joyce Byers

patti charron

I lived in NOLA in the 1980s. Much was written and reported about the state of the levees and how they would fail under the pressure of the tidal surge of a serious hurricane. The problems existed for a long time, and went ignored by the state of Louisiana. Hundreds of millions of dollars were funneled to the state to repair and shore up the levees. It is unclear where the money went, once it hit Baton Rouge.

As for Obama, I think it is important to understand that he doesn't give a shit about anything that doesn't benefit him directly. Hence, no reply to Mrs. Hodges or anyone else that has the potential to drop him into a controversy.

Stephanie Royal

To Shari Hodges first, our President came in dealing with so much garbage and blame that it should be obvious why he hasn't written you. Let's not blame him as he wasn't the president. Let's work hard on getting information out to the public, the media and to those who can make a differance. The towns and provinces that re in flood planes should be moved. Let's write some laws that can make that happen!


I am waiting to see the "documentary" before I pass judgment on the previous actions of the COE. I can tell you as a person who has worked in Louisiana, what was done after Katrina was done at the direction of the politicians and bureaucrats, not engineers.Be aware, the COE operates at the direction of politicians. And Louisiana's politicians are of a different culture.

J R Johnson

I'm sorry for anyone that suffers any natural disaster, be it flood, fire or whatever. I am also tired of throwing money at problems such as the travesty that befell New Orleans. New Orleans is sinking. Every year it sinks more. We're always going to be sinking money into that situation and we'll never be through. We need to get rid of the levee's along the Mississippi flood plain. Move away from the river. If you choose to build in a flood plain then do so at your own risk. Same for people in California who's homes get destroyed by fire every few years. We keep giving them low interest loans and they keep rebuilding. If you choose to build there do so at your own risk. People that live on beach front property are subsidized by all Americans through federal flood insurance. I'm tired of paying for these people that choose to live in high risk areas. I live in Anderson, SC. Back in the 1800's when Anderson was located on the Savannah River, where the Tugaloo and Seneca Rivers Joined to form the Savannah, they were flooded every few years. Well after the third or forth flood, they did the smart thing, moved the town inland about 10 miles. No more problem. The farmers still farmed the land, they just didn't live in the flood plain. And when the Mississippi does flood now, it is much more severe because of the levee's that try and hold it in, or control it. We can find a better use for that wasted money.


I'm hoping more people learn about the courageous stand taken by Maria Garzino and the other whistleblowers featured in Shearer's fabulous documentary.
I've linked to this article at the end of my review on a fine new picture book, A Storm Called Katrina, posted at http://readaloudsforallchildren.wordpress.com/

shari hodges

I'm an activist paralegal over 60, who petitions the Federal court for intervention, and we don't need to go into that, unless you're interested

But I've been writing to Pres. Obama since the day after the election, and I haven't gotten the courtesy of reply to any of my letters. Don't think it's just you. He does that to everybody.

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