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Jun 22, 2011


Gregg S

Congradulation on your victory Mr Drake.I know what you have gone through im an OSHA whistleblower since 4/20/09.
I'm at the end of my line and i will be posting a video on you tube about my case on how pathetic OSHA 11C is at protecting whistleblowers.The video only covers just a part of what i have gone through due to it would take too long on you tube.My son is in the proses of posting it today or tomorrow.It is a warning to other whistleblowers who are thinking of contacting OSHA and expecting protection.
Good luck Mr Drake

Gregg S


Thanks for posting this.

The report says that the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence was involved in early criticisms (2001 NSA Modernization Study) of Trailblazer.

Diane Roark worked on that committee, IIRC? She is the one who said in the Jane Mayer New Yorker article that she was afraid to talk to her own kid for fear he would get in trouble. She was one of the people raided by armed FBI agents. She was the one the DOJ painted (in the indictment) as having received classified material from Drake after she was no longer a staffer. That was in Obama's DOJ indictment. Does she have a case agains them for defamation? Harassment? Something?

I am trying to understand why the DOJ felt the 2007 raids were necessary. It is very difficult to comprehend.

I would also like to know if there was a relationship between the AIPAC case falling apart and the decisions surrounding the Trailblazer investigation.

Bob Savage

It is great that Drake wasn't effectively prosecuted for his whistleblowing activities, and it is great that this report validates Drake's claims of NSA waste, but it remains a serious problem that the US government focused its energy on punishing those who sought to fix problems by communicating FACTS to members of Congress and the Pentagon IG, rather than fixing the revealed problems. If this story teaches us anything, it is that our systems of national security and justice have been co-opted to serve the interests of government contractors and corrupt decision makers, not the interests of the American people.

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