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Jun 03, 2011


Mike Jones

Since President Eisenhower, in the 1950's, we have known of and been wary of the military industrial complex and now all of a sudden we are saying "my God, look at what these war profiteers are doing. We, the people of peace, have been saying this for decades. Especially since Viet Nam. The escalation in technology is fascinating but it is also very deadly,and should be intolerable. And the making of profit from it should be outlawed. But what are you gonna do? There is enough or even more than enough human cannon fodder for wars and more wars.

Andy Wagner

Given that the F-16, the Nimitz-Class carrier, the Abrams tank, and a dozen other defense systems have been in production and subject to high dollar support contracts since the late 1970s, it's not at all surprising that the same contractors appear in the Top 10 year over year. A 1 year time horizon is insufficient to show what you're trying to show in terms of competitiveness in the industry.
Go back ten years and you might be able to show something meaningful.

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