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Jun 22, 2011


TC Taylor

It seems that Mr. Phil C is comfortable with our government budgets just the way they are currently. Surely there is room for improvement, even small improvement? There is so much Congressional Pork and outright fraud in these budgets that we need a Defense Department against the Defense Department. I think that the medical research may be warranted in most cases, but why doesn't Mr. C read the Federal Contractors database of malfeasance on this site?

Phil C.

I wonder if Mr. Wheeler can explain the difference between an earmark and a legitimate policy difference? Congress has the constitutional authority to "raise and support armies" so it seems perfectly appropriate for them to decide completely what gear the national guard needs. The fact these are merely marginal decisions reveals overwhelming deference to the DoD's request. DoD's view of the world is hardly the one correct version of what is best; there is ample room for disagreement. There is also significant disagreement within the Pentagon on this stuff, but since those disagreements take place behind closed doors, they do not get picked on in the media.

Further, the nefarious trick of "revising economic assumptions" is a well established budgeting device to make things balance in the end. Decided among your 6000 various programs and are still $500 million short on a $500 billion budget? Simply trim all programs proportionally. No one knows what the inflation rate will be anyway. If the assumption was 3.5% and that is adjusted to 3.4% in order to get the budget to balance, so what? What's so bad about that?

Stop looking for ghosts and bogeymen.

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