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Jun 27, 2011


stan scobie

There should be deep concern that the DOE Subcommittee on fracking will make best practice recommendations that are already very well known but nearly never followed:

1. Because the states that do most of the regulating do a lousy job of monitoring and enforcing. If they did a better job that would take some money, probably from the energy industry and that would cut into profits, and ...well you know the rest.

2. The Subcommittee is to make recommendations to make fracking safer.
The fatal dilema is that we do not know how safe or unsafe it is now. Thus, there can be no monitoring of safety efforts if the baseline is unknown.

The Subcommittee is nearly a joke and their hollow recommendations can be well predicted in advance. Sigh, another $700,000 of taxpayer money down the fossil fuel rathole.

Stanley R Scobie, Ph.D., Binghamton, NY

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