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Jun 03, 2011


Alfred Sasiadek

When an individual speaks you know who is speaking. When a corporation speaks (through the use of money)you should also be able to know who is speaking. When a CEO speaks in person for a corporation you also know who (the corporation) is speaking. I support the EO and all full disclosure laws.


Companies that make the majority of their revenue from government contracts should not be able to give political contributions the government! If contractors are allowed to make political contributions, why not government agencies? Why should contractors be able to use our money to shape the government the way they want? Not only is this common sense, but it addresses the argument that Obama may use the contribution information to reward the contractors.

Ken in Kent

Politicians would never punish companies who donate to their political opponents. No group would ever start a campaign to boycott/intimidate those who support or oppose the wrong cause.

If full disclosure should be the norm, lets eliminate the secret ballot. Employees of government contractors might be voting for their own gain.

Or should employees of government contractors have the same right of privacy enjoyed by all Americans. The causes and politicians they support is none of the government's business.

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