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Jun 28, 2011



What a bunch of crap. When I did a stint in spares engineering as a college coop student the way the laws were written at the time contractors had to apply overhead cossts evenly to all parts regardless of the price of the part itself. Thus if there was $22.00 of overhead costs for identifying and stocking spares for a certain bolt in an engine, and included in these spares was a $0.10 washer, the total cost of the washer was $22.10. Oh, the humanity. It's been decades since I was in spares, but I am not aware of that law having changed. I also know that there were literally millions of parts to be tracked by our system and sometimes part costs were not appropriate due to simple data entry errors. The parts that were a bargain due to these errors never made it into the news, imagine that.

So how much money did the government lose according to this latest travesty? Any? Several thousand? Did it all even out because it was simply a matter of some clerical errors? Yeah, funny how that's not reported.

You know what else is funny? The Marines have had an Expiditionary Fighting Vehicle in development for the last 25 years. They've spent billions upon billions of dollars on this crappy thing and finally cancelled the program this year. What do you, the taxpayer, have to show for all these billions spent? Absolutely nothing. Not even a ten cent washer. You got F'ed for 25 years and have nothing to show for it. You can be sure, however, the contractors who worked on this program have something to show for it. They made a profit on every single day this program dragged out. They made hundreds of millions of dollars in pure profit, and you got nothing. Does POGO have anything to say about that? No. Not a word. Whose side are you guys really on, POGO?

Darleen Druyan

If the identical parts (i.e., form, fit, and function) were that much less in the stock system then that is clearly waste, and possibly fraud. This is based on the suppositions that the parts are built to the same requirements (i.e., environmental stress, etc.) and that these items are readily available from the second tier contractors or suppliers.


Great post and report by POGO. The real question is when will the Army be held accountable? The Army was permitted to ignore billions in DCAA findings on contracts with KBR for war related contracts. The Army and DoD in general will continue to permit contractors to rip off the taxpayers because the contractors hold the power. Nothing will change as along as the Army and other services get away with it. POGO, please continue to track and report these type of abuses. Push for a hearing; this needs public exposure of a massive nature.

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