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Jun 09, 2011


Don Neuville  (dville)

It's just another day of doing business in our country of graft, greed and "pulling the wool" over our eyes. Unfortunately most voters will not see this and it will be forgotten tomorrow if they do see it. We are much too busy with important stuff like our I phones, I pods, Blackberries, virtual reality games, etc. to be worrying about a "lil ole oil spill. Tsk Tsk.

Mary Beattie

I don't care if the Canadian lobbist is Paul Elliot. Shut em down and keep them down until they comply. We don't need any more oil spills like the gulf. On dry land they don't have a bottom to sink to.

shirley whalen

I am extremely interested in POGO's finds as our "tv" and media (popular media - to wit: rush, hannity,beck and et.al) will not NOT tell us the truth.

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