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Jun 01, 2011


Jack Napiare

That's.... HUGE


What good would it have done if the military industrial complex had done a Soviet Union style 30 year plan 30 years ago? Were they going to change anything in the way they buy weapons? Hell no! This is the defense contractors "peace dividend," 20 years of record profits while building few, and in many cases no weapons at all.

Does it make sense to pay contractors more to drag out development and jack weapons costs through the roof? We don't pay them any more if they come in with good, reasonablly priced weapons on time and on budget, but we're more than happy to pay them more if they screw us. Then we wonder why they did? Who is it that thinks this is a good way to do business?

Seriously, I can't find anyone who can justify our current procurement methods, yet no one seems to think we can do anything about it. Is this still the United States of America? It's certainly not the nation I grew up in.

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