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Jun 09, 2011


Observer IX

There is a certain symmetry in the unsurprising, but still disgraceful, performance of the State Department officials on Monday. For every contract performance that is wasteful, abusive, or fraudulent, there is a US government offical(s) who paved the way, turned the other way, was negligent or incompetent, or who was too busy to do the right thing. They are, sadly, as wrongful as the contractor.

The State Dept. crew on display Monday should be cashiered.

That said, in the total set of federal contracting, blown performance is not the norm, far from it. But overseas, especially in our multiplying war zones, the tendency to blunder has never been reversed.

Few government employees or contractors suffer personally except if they were easily tagged as felons. Companies and government offices, however, are harder to tag. The people who planned and oversaw and now defend the goodness of the Embassy Giganticus in Baghdad all belong in the slammer.

There is scant chance that the State Dept. will not FUBAR the upcoming security contracts. The walls of the Green Zone are not high enough to keep it safe.

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