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Jun 29, 2011



I agree with Mike's comment. On numerous occasions I sat in a room with Army 3 and 4 star generals explaining DCAA audit findings and why it was important to either reduce proposed costs or recoup the actual costs. They did not want to hear about the "cost" issues and all they were concerned about was getting the parts, planes, etc. Several even made the comment that they did not want to "upset the contractor." I am now retired from DCAA and one of the reasons I retired is that I was tired of working long hours on audit findings that were flat-out ignored. The current DCAA Director is of no help and just permits AT&L and DCMA to call the shots. Please stay with these type of stories POGO; you are the only friend of audit findings and holding contractors and contracting officers accountable. It is pitaful that even the current DCAA Director is not supportive of DCAA audit findings, he will not go to bat with AT&L and DCMA.

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