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Jun 07, 2011


Sara Noble

I hope you will keep on this. Mr. Demos behaved unprofessionally. If the courts cannot see it this second time around, then what do we stand for? He betrayed someone who thought he was speaking confidentially to win favor with the bank.

Bryan Rahija

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Man, it must be nice to be on a "blog" and get to smear people. Funny this is only reeopened after Demos announces he's running for office. Something tells me that if we dug a little, we'd find your "blog's" user fees are being paid by the Randolph Altschuler campaign.

Oh, and by the way, these are high-sounding titles, but are meaningless: "Michael Smallberg is a POGO Investigator. Adam Zagorin is POGO's Journalist in Residence."

The man wasn't "let off the hook." He was found not to have violated any rules and complimented for his service to the SEC. It's funny, if you're found guilty, you're guilty; if you're not, you're "let off the hook" as if you somehow got away with it.

I'm glad they're investigating this again. They can exonerate Mr. Demos again -- and then maybe you people will apologize and stop talking about it, but I won't hold my breath.

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