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May 18, 2011



"Jaczko: The NEI Patsy"
(Winning industry friends and keeping them happy)

Jaczko's Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Has a 'subtle' approach to nuclear fires:
Waive violations and fake interim measures.
Have good intentions. That's what Jaczko admires.

Make repairs in the future. Why be bothered now
When it's more convenient to tackle them later?
Don't burden the industry. Don't cost them money.
"Baby needs shoes" for that poor operator.

So it's a gamble. But they rarely have fires.
What's ten a year if nobody gets hurt?
Won't all of the backups work like they're supposed to?
If they don't, like Japan's? Then they'll sound the alert.

What's going to trigger Jaczko's own Fukushima?
An Inhofe tornado, or earthquake? Or Jaczko? We'll see.
Maybe skimping on rules that he's not enforcing?
You thought he had a list of who gets off scot-free?

To the industry lobbyists, Jaczko's a dream.
As for strict regulating? What fabulous luck.
"These things run forever with little attention…"
Who'd believe that but some dumb hockey puck?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles
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