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May 06, 2011



Airplanejim is right. It will all come out in the official investigation. OBOGS has been around for a long time. I think my first exposure was with the AV8-B. There were some bugs back then but it should be a pretty mature system now. OBOGS could have been a tag along test during ECS eval and wouldn't necessarily show up as a primary test objective. People just like to be the first ones to 'expose the truth' even if they don't have correct or even complete data.


Nothing like jumping to conclusions by the POGO writer. Why don't we wait an see what the findings are from the LM and DOD engineering teams? There are numerous possibilities of what the problem is. It may not have been found in flight testing because it is a maintenance issue.


If the Honeywell OBOGS is responsible for the loss of a F-22 then I think Honeywell owes the US taxpayer a couple of hundred million dollars for the cost of the F-22 and the loss of a pilot.

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