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May 20, 2011



Yeah, let's spend $40 billion developing a fighter we never use. That's brilliant. We'll really stick it to the defense contractors that way. I mean, it's not like they made money on every single day they managed to drag out the development program. Oh wait, yes, it is just like that. So now we have a choice, spend $40 billion and get nothing or spend a small amount more and at least get some airplanes. Clearly we're better off stopping this program right now. Let's also make sure we always pay defense contractors a profit on development work, because, really, Americans are too stupid to keep their own money.

Henry J Cobb

An alternative already exists and is already being used. It's called the Super Hornet.

Every year the Screeching Baby Seal gets another year's delay and more orders are placed for the Super Hornet.

The dog that hasn't barked is the Silent Eagle, which is so stealthy that it seems to have completely vanished from consideration.

Charlie Davies

License build the Saab Gripen next generation (it's already 50% US components) multirole fighter and buy UCAVs.

Much cheaper but basically the same operational effect.

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