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May 21, 2011



The idea of 'retroactive classification' also blows my mind. I have seen many people on the internet comment boards ask questions like "How is that legal?". I am shocked to find out it is used so commonly.


The whole 'inspector general' thing confuses me to no end. I had believed a few years ago that they were supposed to be watch dogs. After all, wasn't it the release of the CIA IG "report on torture" that revealed a bunch of damning information about that program?

However, after reading a bunch of stuff (including Radack's book, Canary in the Coalmine), and this blog post here by Schwellenbach, some IG's would appear to be sort of like Mao's "Hundred Flowers" campaign; they encourage people to come and complain so that they can find out who the 'troublemakers' are and get rid of them....am I crazy to have that conspiracy theory?

Who inspects the inspectors general?

Ed Garland

Multiple names, multiple social security numbers - Obama has paid millions to conceal his past. I don't think anyone dares to force him to expose the truth.

Peter Scannell

“In the highly-regulated securities industry, the public’s interest in transparency trumps a financial institution’s interest in concealing its dealings with employees, regulatory agencies, and their lawyers. The public’s interest in the conduct of its agencies at the business of protecting consumers is higher than an institution’s interest in keeping the matters secret.”

That said, what you don’t know can hurt you.

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