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Apr 21, 2011


Mark Galen

Who needs whistleblowers? We all do.

Whistleblowers, aka "Insiders", aka "Persons of Conscience (POC)" are the only people who can alert the public when a disaster is coming, or we are being ripped off, or banks are going to meltdown, or oils spills are likely, or healthcare is substandard, or elections are not fair. The founding fathers knew we needed whistleblowers to sound the alarm. Paul Revere is often called the Patron founder of whistleblowers- because he sounded the alarm that the redcoats are coming. Now, modern day Paul Reveres have a new handbook, one that is sorely needed, thanks to two icons of the POC-whistleblowing movement-Tom Devine and Jeff Wigand.

Insiders can save our country big. . A huge number of the decades disasters could have been prevented if insiders had been listened to. This book gives an incredible and realistic guide to what it is like to be a POC-whistleblower. Jeff Wigand is a prime example of "a happy warrior" who fights to save kids from tobacco, saving millions of lives. Wigand made a huge sacrifice, and he does it without counting the personal cost. His personal example has inspired thousands of persons to do the right thing. Tom Devine has made a life mission to protect the Wigands of the world. These two icons personify the movement.

POC-whistleblowers are a lot like submariners- we are a silent service. I wish I could write this review under my own name, and reveal how much Devine's first survival book changed my life. I would have been toast without it. No one realizes how daunting it is to face a huge corporation until you are in the middle, too far in to get out. There was a whole skyscraper full of lawyers wanting my hide. Somehow, I bluffed my way into Tom Devine's office as a desperate hail Mary, and he gave me the early survival guide. It told me exactly what to do, and how to survive. I walked out of Devine's office and totally turned the situation around, and achieved a victory. So, I can attest that his book saved at least one POC-whistleblower. From then on, I handed out copies of his book to anyone in such a situation. This new book takes his message to a whole new level. Not only should all POC-whistleblowers read the book, but all citizens and leaders interested in getting the best for our country. Devine is not just the legal director of GAP, he is also the head of "The Make it Safe" coalition. Every single US citizen, and every person globally, has an interest in safe healthcare, safe products, national safety. Everyone needs to know what is at stake. So buy this book now!

History is littered with fallen nations who failed to listen to whistleblowers. Thousands of kings would have lived longer if they didn't shoot the messenger! Had Hamurabi made protection of whistleblowers part the law, Babylon would still rule. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair. Nothing else remains of that colossal wreck- because no whistleblowers lived. Ignorant armies continue to clash by night on a darkling plain- because they did not have Devine's book.

All that remains of Ceasar is his salad.

Whistleblowers have proven to be the most effective way to reduce deficits. Abraham Lincoln enacted the first WB protection laws to win the civil war, and to reduce his deficit. Ronald Reagan strengthened the Lincoln laws to end waste, fraud and abuse in govt. Harry Markopolous tried to prevent the banking meltdown. The Semmelweis society is trying to prevent a meltdown of the 17% of our economy that goes to medical care. Jeffrey Wigand prevented trillions of dollars of healthcare costs in his crusade to end smoking.

Think of a world where Enron had been prevented. Where the FBI had stopped 9/11. Where the Challenger had not blown up. Prevention saves trillions. Devine's book could have created such a world. So, he's selling it pretty cheap for under 20 dollars.

One Insider could have told the world that there were no WMD in Iraq. The Trojan war destroyed the Trojans, but also destroyed the Greeks. If only they had listened to the quintessential whistleblower, Cassandra! Too bad that Achilles had not read the survival guide and listened to what Cassandra said!

Another icon of the movement, Senator Grassley keeps saying that whistleblowers are treated like skunks at a picnic. But, if Congress reads this book, it could all change! We could all come out smelling like a rose garden!

The highest recommendation I can give Devine's books is that they work. If I could send one to every Congress person I would. I'd send it to every news editor, and every citizen contemplating doing the right thing.

This book can save your neck. Buy it!

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