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Apr 15, 2011



Who is hitting the like button on this one? POGO needs an outrage button. Or better yet, POGO needs a do something about this outrage button!

Linda joy Adams

Congress gave govt contractors immunity from internal audits and criminal investigations. CONGRESS passed the laws and everyone there knows the need to change it back so that any company with a contract is treated the same as any other company or individual in the USA. Most of these contractors are subsidiaries of international conglomerates and have defied judges and contract terms an violated the civil rights of so many resulting in physical and financial harm to those trying to obtain justice from several govt programs and health plans. The director of medciare and justice dept officials have said that our civil rights laws are the only access to correcting the wrongs that are on- going. The sec of labor has publicly spoken that contract compliance civil rights complaints should be filed by anyone having their rights obstructed and being denied the facility to have a claim processed without illegal interference should file. That's the only legal option at present. This can't be about the merits of any claim, but the process being obstructed and disparate treatment. Such as refusing to post to a computer file so agency personnel can see the claim, etc. or in the case of medciare Coordination of benefits violating their contract by altering the official information on the beneficiary that shows workers compensation and employment status so that the liability insurance industry can get out of paying claims and this alteration of information from employers an agencies by contract has resulted in over a trillion dollar theft of medciare over the last decade. We're not broke, WE'VE BEEN ROBBED!! Those who are in a protected class: age, disability, religion, race, etc. are the only groups that can save the solvency of our country and others need to support our efforts. Make the case. Govt contractors have been very obvious that this old, disabled, woman can be discriminated against and has no right to equal treatment before the law. I also stated in my complaint that my religious views that make the sanctity of all life sacred has been scoffed at as the ' death panel' decisions they are currently making clearly show that obstruction of medical care means that the elderly and disabled are of little value to society. Euthanasia violates my religion. I choose to live and invoke the Teri Sciavo law of the patient's right to choose life. Personally, I beleive, the treatment of this disabled woman who could not speak for herself started the downward spiral in this country to allow the disabled and elderly to be discriminated against. that law allowed one person to determine life or death all because the federally funded, govt contractor,( same one that is in control of federal workerss compensation)to push for death and determine her life had no value.) Linda Joy Adams

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