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Apr 13, 2011


Mark R

Sounds like Boeing and the Tanker scandal all over again.

The GoC (PW&GSC & DND & Harper's Conservatives) Screwed us over in 2006 and ILLEGALLY disqualified MY consortium's Fully-Compliant BC-17XM submission
(better Value 8 AC avail (4 Mil, 4 Civil) vs 4 Mil)
for the C-17 ACAN (Advance Contract Award Notice - 'so called' competition)
& associated C-130J submission (mainly using ex-RAF C-130Js taken in trade for BC-17XMs, supplemented by a few new Js)
- sounds like a C-130J should qualify for a C-130J competition - Wrong, NOT in Canada Eh!,

and even somehow got Boeing to Disingenuously pull support for their own BC-17 17 (note,
Not the militarized BC-17XM from our 2006 proposal, but the BC-17 we had mentioned in an earlier unsolicited 2003 formal proposal to the GoC, and its associated re-militarized BC-17X at a much more paced schedule)
- as PWGSC/DND were Unable to Technically reject our appeal until Boeing submitted their Disengenious / Misleading fall-2006 letter,
and even lied about the 40-month development timeframe it would be ready by
(while we stuck with the period Boeing's BC-17 design team had specifically noted to us earlier and which Boeing have even been quoted as using since their disingenuous note to the GoC/us)
- reminiscent of your above statements
re: Boeing Trying to Have It Both Ways,

and then had the online support-the-military types
- of which I used to be one and even write articles supporting the military - blindly support the GoC as long as the military got the Cadillac C-17s it wanted.
So at that point, after starting to suffer through ongoing PTSD and high blood pressure, I said screw it!
The Harper Government: Disengeneous, Dishonest, Incompetent and most definitely Not Transparent.
(I'm planning to write a book about my experience.)

Disillusioned in Edmonton

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