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Apr 11, 2011



Cry me a river, Serge. Do you never tire of this whining? Oh, it's all the US' fault. Everything that's wrong is someone else's fault. Grow a pair. Take responsibility for your own actions. Hell, you people can't even get along with yourselves. No doubt that's the fault of the US too? If you don't need the F-35, don't damn buy it. You're not doing me any favors by buying them. You're just one more country leaching off the fruit of my tax dollars, then you whine about the airplane costing too much? Well, you know where you can park it.


It has nothing to do with Europe. Check this link.
I am not whining just stating facts.
Get yours straight. On the last day of the CDN operation
US personnel where in the factory parking lot with green cards. The team went to NASA and Disney. No whining just facts. Dont forget the USA have the biggest military budget of all the countries combined. That a heavy load to carry. It up to the US citizen to lower the cost. All politics.
And has I said CANADA does not need F35. Period. Case close.

Henry J Cobb

Unit flyaway cost a brand new scam?


I suppose the LHX program of 1989 was WAY before Winslow Wheeler's time then... (No LockMart horse in that race.)



Yeah right, Serge, the US is to blame for the collapse of the European military aircraft industry. Ever hear of Airbus? Guess what, we'd like to commercial jets to European countries too. Take responsiblity for your own country or someone will be happy to take that responsibility from you. And quit your damn whining!


When I read this yesterday I did't believe that the U.S. would pay for all cost overruns on our allies' F-35s. But in googling to find out more I came across this:


It's a radio interview with the politician who wrote Canada's defense policy and who confirms that the United States is paying for all of the cost overruns for all nine F-35 partner countries.


OK DEFENS stop selling them.
Stop putting pressure on your allies to buy them.
Remember the AVRO ARROW ? Where did the team go after the US
put enough pressure to sabotage the project ?
As you said why should US taxpayers pay for there allies.
Save the coins put it in MEDICAID instead. What is the cost to ISRAEL again?


I forgot to add that the partners have paid an agreed amount into a pool for R&D on the f-35, I think this is the first example of this, I dont know of any other


you would think Wheeler would know that even with the usual foreign military sales (FMS) the US eats the R&D and there is an under 4% total extra charge on US base cost
I guess when someone has an agenda, these facts dont count


Right comrade Hartmann, Lockheed Martin cannot afford to risk any money in the development of the F-35, but I can? I can write them checks, or if I chose not to, the government can send armed men to my door to force me to write them a check to cover all their development risk and they can't front a single dime? In fact, they don't risk anything at all. They make a profit on every single day they drag out development and leave all the risk to me, the US taxpayer and you think that is a system that works wonderfully well. Let me tell you exactly where you can stick that idea, comrade Hermann.

As for Canada and the rest of our allies, it is not our job to build airplanes for you. Build your own damn airplanes. What are you, a bunch of children? Don't you have any pride at all? As far as I can tell, both Russia and China have better airplanes than the F-35 coming down the pipe. You can wait around with your thumbs up you butts, just make sure you teach your kids Russian or Chinese. They'll need it.


CANADA does not want the F35A.
Runway to short int he artic. Will require parachutes.
Unable to refull in the air.
We are not planning to bomb anyone.
How much Israel paying for the F35A ?.
How munch is the US giving to Israel every year?
Thanks but no thanks

Daniel Hartmann

I would like to clarify a few points here:
To address the notion that the F-35 is unnecessary, the F-35 is a generation ahead of any aircraft that any country can develop for at least 50 years. If we have this aircraft, we will not need another fighter/inceptor until 2040 at the earliest. I admit, the F-35A is far more promising than the other two, for a few technical reasons that I can get into if desired. The other notion is that the taxpayer is getting screwed; this is an exaggeration. The US government commissioned the development of the aircraft: that is the source of the US's paying more. I ask this blog not to exaggerate the so-called analysis of the figures next time. Lastly, I want to address the first comment made: clearly you have NO idea how much it costs to develop a weapons system--especially one as complex as the JSF. Companies, though admittedly far too wealthy to begin with, simply cannot bear the costs on their own. LM has hundreds of projects it is developing (most useful, many secret) and requires money from Federal agencies like DARPA. The Defense Industry, lead by LM, is just as important to America's security as is Department of Defense.


Because Americans are the sheep of sheep. The docile ones. Elections are stolen - they sit down and do nothing. Wars are waged in their names - they do nothing. Trillions of dollars are regularly stolen - they do nothing. They are poisoned, locked in jail for acquiring harmless herbs, groped at the airport and they do nothing. Here's the real question: why SHOULDN'T the hucksters who occupy the US government take advantage of the docility of the sheep?


Here's a thought, why don't we let weapons contractors cover their own development costs? Then they could recover those costs from each and every country that buys their weapons in proportion to the number of weapons they buy? Nah, that would make too much sense. We'd rather pay contractors profit on development, because that way when they screw us by jacking up development costs and dragging out schedules, we get to pay them even more money. We're a nation of idiots.

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