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Apr 29, 2011


Thomas A. Sharon, R.N., M.P.H.

Most patients don't know when they become victims of malpractice. New studies tell us that the estimates of 200,000 preventible hospital deaths per year that we have seen since 1999 were bogus. The actual numbers are ten times that many at 2 million. That's one in every fifty hospital admissions. Therefore, hospitals are killing more people than heart attacks. What we need is aggressive public education through seminars and webinars for people who have questions about their hospital experience. http:nursetom.com

Nick Schwellenbach


It's a good question. Let me see if I can figure that one out.

Also, you may want to inquire with the VA's Office of Public Affairs.

Best regards,

Jim Mulder


Can you explain the difference between the "Amount Paid" and the "Amount Lit Paid" columns and what exactly those dollar amounts represent?


Nick Schwellenbach


The VA Office of General Counsel maintains these records.


You can file a FOIA w/ the VA's FOIA office: http://www.foia.va.gov/index.asp


Berta Simmons

I didn't see my FTCA VA case on the list.

Wrongful death. Settled with USA (via VA OGC) in 1997.

Two VAMCs involved.

Never reported to the NPDB in defiance of the NPDB mandate that VA agreed to long ago.

Can I ask where the FOIA was sent that produced this info?

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