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Apr 18, 2011


Government Contractor

FAPIIS is a new system and it will improve over time, much like FPDS and CCR have improved. Frankly, it's terrible. But now this information is public and that is progress. I applaud them for this move and hope to see a more useful version in the near future.


This is federal “leadership” responding to the letter of the law and not the spirit. I hate to say it (but I will), most every federal data base available to the public is designed to make it as difficult as possible for a citizen to dig out specific information about our government. In this day and age, searchable data bases are not rocket science….unless you want to make the search as difficult as possible.
Take a look in particular at the publically available data bases at OPM concerning statistics about the government workforce. Yes, it is dynamic, yes it is updated. BUT, try to do something across multiple government agencies or try to get the fidelity that OPM reports provided up through 2008 and you can’t do it.
Bottom line is that agencies don’t want to be transparent in what they do and how they do it. When it comes to contractor performance they really don’t want people to know what is going on simply because there would be the “hue and cry” to hold someone accountable. Policies and procedures developed by agencies over the last decade have done everything to ensure no one is held accountable for contractor (or agency) performance.
The saddest thing is that the FAPIIS was probably designed and built by a contractor with little, if any, real expertise and government oversight using government “experts.” Maybe POGO can do some FOIA work and find out who was responsible for the design and build of this data base on both the government (specifically by name) AND contractor sides?
When will all this silliness stop?

Aubrey Hill

What use is this entire project if "past performance reviews" are not available? Seems to me to be a waste of time and money.

Andrea Shertick

You've got to be kidding! I consider myself computer savvy and quite literate but, this Fappis website is an insult to the American Public.


Another effort for transparency that is costing the taxpayers a lot of money, being fought by hundreds if not thousands of contractors, and consumming uncalculated resources to develop and attempt to maintain...any discussion about how this database is a help to the government of avoid waste, fraud, and abuse is simply political rhetoric to try and passify people it attempted to respond to, as well as the many people attempting to make the crappy thing work.

Vance Jochim

I might mention that Ralph Parsons Construction and Engineering in Pasadena, California, now known as Parsons at Parsons.com was rated as the WORST Federal Contractor by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, so they should be in this database.

Vance Jochim

This database sucks. I kept getting security warnings from my anti-virus software from my bank which said the "certificate" was not valid. So, I had to waive it 3 times to get to the search window and it was highly obtuse. Using the term "Parsons" as in the huge contractor Parsons Construction in Pasadena, I got zero. This is too klunky and it should let me just see all the names starting with PAR for instance. This is not usable,and as a former software developer, the programmers should be fired for bad professional programming.

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