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Apr 08, 2011


Ernest Norsworthy

Don't know whether my cases fit into your reporting scheme or not. I have been trying to get the federal agency, the Tennessee Valley Authority, to respond to my requests for information that well could be embarrassing to the TVA. My first FOIA request began last June 2010.

The first case involves TVA's so-called Green Power Switch where TVA sells imaginary electricity (millions of dollars worth)for "green" purposes yet they cannot (or will not) account for where this money is actually spent. All TVA will say is that those funds go into TVA's "general power mix" meaning it may or may not go toward environmental purposes.

The second FOIA request involves the TVA Office of the Inspector General who certifies the Green Power Switch to an outside certifying agency for the Green-E Energy certification. Now TVA wants me, a private citizen, to pay $1,000 for that lookup. Outrageous.

The problem is that TVA appears to be hiding information from the public and is trying to put me off. Now, the TVA FOIA office will not even respond to me about the status of my two requests.

My web site Norsworthy Opinion http://norsworthyopinion.com has lots of information I have written about the TVA.

Ernest Norsworthy

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