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Mar 31, 2011


Jim Blair

All, I first communicated my concern to POGO in 2007 about what the "Defense Science Board" identified as the greatest "dirty bomb" hazard in the U.S.. Charaterized as "low hanging fruit" waiting for terrorist take advantage of the 1000 Cesium 137 containers is hospitals and medical reseach labs across the nation. Jim.

Harvey M. Solomon

Every country with nuclear power plants has plans for stockpiling and rapid distribution of potassium iodide around these facilities. The United States does not adhere to this world wide program, in part, because of the resistance of the NRC. This, so called regulatory agency, is responsible only to the demands of the nuclear power industry and many of its members come directly from that industry. This is a matter of general health of the public and although all medical input has been in favor of stockpiling potassium iodide, thousands of people would be exposed to radioiodine without protection if a incident occurred at a nuclear power plant in this country.

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