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Mar 29, 2011



President Obama is not a Chicago thug'. He's not George Bush for gawd's sake who was doing business with the bin Ladens and anitndteg weddings with Fox News owners the Saudi royals! But nice try. I know you neocons have to say things like that to make yourself feel better about your fascist and terrorists worshiping.

Don Soeken

This is the first time that I can remember any person associated with whistleblowers setting foot in the Oval Office. This must mean something. I congratulate all of you for arranging this meeting. We will wait and see whether changes are made in the Executive Branch in the direction of open government. For now remember to financially support all open government groups.

Thanks again to all of you who support truth and openness in government.

Tim Strinden

Congratulations to you, Danielle, and the other participants for arranging the meeting and ensuring it was substantive. The fact that the meeting took place and the president was receptive offers some hope.

Dr. Jeff Condit

As a 2008 Obama supporter and a past federal whistleblower I have generally been disappointed with the President's promised attention to and action in the areas of government transparency and accountability. In a nutshell: he has not delivered on his promises. And, my disappointment re his general inaction was only increased by the meeting held on March 30. While the conveners of the meeting deserve our praise and gratitude, POTUS and members of his staff do not. This was an obviously botched effort by the White House to appease a panel of informed professionals re issues of significant national importance. Certainly, POTUS has a significant amount on his "plate" right now. I can only hope that he is giving these other matters more attention and thought than the ones he discussed on March 30.

Bryan Rahija

Hi decora, sorry to hear about your troubles with posting, not sure what the matter is. Feel free to email any comments to me--I'd be happy to post them. [email protected]


I would expand upon my thoughts but this website has some draconian filter program that keeps telling me 'it cannot accept this data'.

Obama was a professor of constitutional law. He was a lawyer. He has to know what is going on.


Obama knows very well the history of the Espionage Act. I cannot find credible the idea he is somehow unaware of what is happening.

steve daley




Kathryn Bolkovac

Please advise and update us on what is happening with the dead 2010 Senate bill 2979, that would hold government contractors and government employees accountable for crimes committed while serviing overseas. It also envisioned DOJ implenting real investigative and prosecutorial arms.
This must be put back into committee for further debate and action.

Bryan Rahija

Have a post on this coming soon, Bob. There's no excuse for it not being on the calendar.

Bob Brandenburg

Intriguing that the account left out that the meeting was not listed on the White House schedule and all press, including the pool reporter, were barred. How much more of Obama's Open Government can we take?

Robert MacLean

I'll echo Louis' praises. Desperately needed, Danielle broke some new ground here by waking up the President to this problem. She has what it takes to distract him from the "old guard" bureaucrats who blindly believe absolute obedience to the chain of command prevails over any competing considerations when considering "efficiency of the service."

Outstanding work POGO-people!

Louis Clark

Thank you, in particular, Daniele, for advancing the concern about the prosecution of national security whistleblowers. This was indeed a critical time to raise up those issues. Hopefully your efforts will open the door for significant redirection in how the federal government is treating national security whistleblowers and listening to their revelations however embarrassing for agencies and officials involved.

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