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Mar 21, 2011


Observer III

GAO cost savings and cost avoidance claims need a very serious audit. GAO puffs up these estimates by an order of magnitude, or more, just like the IGs. You could never support GAO's savings claims in the tortuous government accounts. And GAO must know this.

That said, GAO does a fair amount of useful work, much of which does not generate cost-savings. But it does it very, very slowly.


You can be sure the GAO will never ever criticize the most fundamental problem our federal government has with procurement. You will never hear them speak against the government paying a profit on product development. That would be killing the goose that laid the golden egg as far as they're concerned. After all, the more waste, fraud, and abuse there is in procurement, the more we need the GAO, right? They may be worth $87 in their estimation, but as far as I'm concerned, they're just another big sucking bureaucratic hole with no real value to the US taxpayer, but then why should they be any different from the rest of the federal government?

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