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Mar 22, 2011


Gary Cupsten

Is this guy kidding me. There are over 87,000 flights over US territory each day and approximately 4000 Air Marshals total.(The U.S. air flights number and Air Marshal numbers are public knowledge so I am not a whistle blower). You don't have to be Einstein to figure out it is a numbers game... meaning the bad guys know there could be law enforcement on their flight, but the deterrent is he doesn't know which flight. oooops I guess they know now! FAMS are one piece of a complex security apparatus which is neither perfect nor failsafe. Every federal & state agency has a budget. If we all pitch in several thousands dollars extra this year I'm sure the FAMS would hire more agents. This guy needs to learn from this experience and move on. He lost in court and appeal. He might find out on his next job (he was fired years ago, did he get a new job yet?) that he might not agree with every management decision. Oh, one last note- He states an alleged affair with another Air Marshal and his supervisor contributed to his dismissal... What a stretch- Which was it, was he protected by the TSA director or was he demoted twice??? I understand the conspiracy group think, but whatever the allegations against Agent Donzanti are, (are there any?) he did not appear to jeopardize basic security and put Americans in harms way since he does not control the budget. I did basic research and found the LA field office at the time of agent Donzanti's demotion, was upgraded to a SES office because of the huge expansion since 911. What that means is SAC Donzanti did not qualify for the new position as the SAC for that office. Bashing the government is easy and fun, especially when you have one side of the facts. Sometimes where there's smoke there's fire, and sometimes its just someone blowing smoke! I'm sorry Robert, your not a hero, you could have jeopardized the security of the American people, congratulations! / Gary

Richard Hoskins

Corrupt Govt at their Best... Please repost and share with Friends. Do you Know Harrisburg International is in the flight path of Three Mile Island and has little to no Air Marshal Coverage and within striking range of several other Nuclear Power Plants. East Coast is at a high risk as the number of flights covered in and out of BWI is also small in real numbers. I blew the whistle in 2003 and not much has changed... This is not SSI this is poor program planning and the setting up of Field Offices to meet the needs of those they hired from Secret Service versus meeting the needs of the program. They fake the numbers all the time o let congress beleive they do more then they do.


POGO should FOIA the TDY trips/hotels/conferences masquerading as professional development. Savings on air-marshall security costs would probably pale in comparison.

Y. Brown

The top achelon of the TSA has a long standing history of harboring criminals in their top ranks. Back in 2008 Mike Restovich and Morris McGowan collected fat TSA salaries while using their connections to secure government contracts through a privately owned company. Their punishment for double dipping- A transfer to the UK as an DHS attache. Most recently- John Novak was moved to advisor to Director Bray for spewing racist remarks on a conference call while his cronies giggled. Let's not forget William Reese of the famous Orlando Jeopardy board. Allowed to retire and collect his fat pension. Only to re-emerge as the owner of a private security company- Risk Protection Group in Florida. Fat government contract? Perhaps that's why it's rumored he's been spotted at the AC Training center. Double dipping, criminal behavior- It's the TSA Top Brass way. What's the common characteristic? The Secret Service factor.


Gabe Bruno

Judge Kang,
I hope you are reading this comment. You are a manipulator and a personification of what is wrong with our government today. You think you are untouchable, but maybe when your new boss reviews your record, she will tell you that you should have known better as she shows you the door.

Gabe Bruno, Executive Director
FAA Whistleblowers Alliance

Robert MacLean

To "TOM":

I was working out of the Los Angeles field office BEFORE I did the September 2004 interview for NBC Nightly News in Orange County, CA. The Service was already downsizing the Las Vegas office and building up the Los Angeles one. This TV appearance launched the investigation that eventually got me fired.


This story concludes with "...and there is a long-standing TSA policy that employees cannot be transferred while under investigation or awaiting disciplinary action. MacLean wants to know whether or not Donzanti was given a special settlement that other air marshals are never offered."

Yet MacLean received a hardship transfer from Vegas to LA while under investigation.
Looks like MacLean received some of "special settlement that other air marshals are never offered" after all.
I wonder why that was left out of the story?
I wonder why MacLean did not decline the transfer on principle?


As a person with direct knowledge, many MSPB judges are prosecuting judges and rig the case against employees who should be protected.

Judge Kang's manipulated decision is a reflection of his willful blindness concerning all of the facts in the case and he issued a decision commensurate with that of his character.

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