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Mar 01, 2011



The real answer to this is the question who is greasing who?Lucrative, no bid, cost ++ gov. contracts for campaign contributions.


US Debt-to-GDP Ratio Approaching 100% as DoD Boondoggle Billions Flow to Lockheed Martin: First in Funding, First in Fraud

US total debt $55.6 trillion ... US national debt $14.1 trillion ... US federal budget deficit $1.5 trillion ... US Debt-to-GDP Ratio 97% and rising ... U.S. dollar rapidly losing world reserve currency status ... as U.S. politicians bought and paid for by multinational corporations (legalized by Citizens United vs. FEC) cut education, close schools, convert asphalt roads to gravel and accelerate America's descent into oblivion just so they can dole out millions daily to Lockheed Martin and other repeat-offender federal contractors for Rube Goldberg weapons systems and myriad military and non-defense boondoggles as unnecessary, unaffordable and unjustifiable as our unending wars for oil and profit:


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