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Mar 29, 2011


Joleen Chambers

Thank you, POGO, for making me aware of Dr. Nissen's ingenious charitable use of compensation earned from the powerful pharmaceutical and medical device industries. I have learned that a patient advocate is often unwelcome and must be tenacious and it is a very expensive activity. Perhaps doctors receiving honorariums could donate to Consumer's Union, Alliance for Patient Safety, Association for Medical Ethics, Center for Medical Consumers, Consumers Advancing Patient Safety, Mothers Against Medical Errors, National Center for Research for Women and Children, Truth in Medicine, Union of Concerned Scientists. These groups could provide grants to fund individual consumer advocates. Partnering to elevate medical care will benefit both practitioners and patients.

John M. Nardo MD

Another fine post. I thought this was the gem from Nissen's editorial: "Dr. Steven E. Nissen … called for banning most of those conflicts rather than just disclosing them…" A conflict of interest remains a conflict of interest, disclosed or not. Disclosure doesn't change the ethical point...

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