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Mar 29, 2011



What a surprise. We provide contractors with one and only one method of increasing profit, which is to drag out the time and inflate the cost of development, then we wonder why they do this very thing. I mean, if this isn't proof that capitalism works, I don't know what is. News flash: contractors are motivated by profit! Who knew? Then you get actual Americans that say, "those greedy contractors, all they're interested in is money," like that is some revelation to them from God. So here is the scenario, we know these contractors are motivated by greed and we provide one way for them to make more profit, which is to drag out and jack up the cost of development. And then we are shocked, SHOCKED when they do just what we gave them the finacial incentive to do. It's time to turn off Jerry Springer, pull our collective heads out of our butts and fix this system of procurement.

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