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Feb 24, 2011


Pam Baragona

The LTC Holmes complaint may have also become the victim of cutbacks. This week DOD shut down 17 of their DODIG offices. It seems questionable to say Holmes did not meet the criteria because of not using the DOD IG communication when the backlog for investigators to respond is in itself in trouble.
Talk to any DOD IG agent as well off the record and you will learn about the unrealistic expectations to meet the demand of MRI investigations, their unsupported relationship with DOD and a constant internal upheaval of staff to do the work


I spent 4 years in the Marines. 1964-1968. There is a code that protected everyone in times of combat. It is called the chain of command. You go outside the chain and the system breaks down. It is the system and code of watching "each others back" that protects all marines in the most crucial of times. If that system of breaks down who will watch your back. You will be left with covering your own ass. That does not work ever. If you are allowed to go outside the chain for any reason it makes a statement. Real simple..... It implies that I dont have to do what I have been told. Or I think my job is doing the wrong thing, or or or. It allows you to begin thinking for yourself inspite of your marine team. If you counter act an order because you dont want to do what you have been ordered to do where will it stop... ?
Think about it. The chain of command exists for a reason. It exists to protect the members of the team and continue to reinforce the team. It makes very good sense. What if every member of a football team were allowed on every play to act the way they thought they should act or react. Or to initiate their own act or reaction. Chaos and injury. The team that remained a team would destroy the chaotic team. IT is pretty simple.
People keep forgetting that the military is not the civilian system. It does not operate under civilian rules because it requires a team approach and the outcome is more severe. The UCMJ was created for a purpose let it remain that way.


How do we know the recent military psy ops disclosure isn’t part of a psy ops operation to manipulate the entire country by diverting attention from death and failure in Afghanistan? No one has written or disclosed exactly what words psy ops soldiers use to manipulate U.S. Senators. Would disclosure let loose a weapon of mass manipulation that would unravel society as spouses employ these tactics against each other, students against their teachers, politicians against the electorate? Would democracy crumble if a politician, say a governor, were to be manipulated into speaking candidly by, say, a telephone call from someone claiming to be a wealthy, powerful, manipulative contributor? The horror!


I had a difficult time separating truth from fiction in the article. If LTG Caldwell, his chief of staff, and others were in fact violating U.S. law, then LTC Holmes and his team failed to bring it to the attention of the chain of the command. If the chain of command failed to do anything then contact either the DoD or CENTCOM I.G. To me there was an apparent lack of courage, candor, and commitment by LTC Holmes and others to report it at the time. At the end it appeared that that this team led by LTC Holmes had a difficult time with a challenging mission.

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