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Feb 10, 2011



I agree with Insider. Although this is not just an OFPP problem. It is a problem in any Department where contractors have a lot of money at stake. In DoD the problem is just as bad, if not worse. Any time DoD publishes a rule that contractors oppose, they become the loudest voice and DoD changes the rules to appease contractors. For example, the case on withholds due to deficient business systems. DoD stated that it received a number of comments stating the rule would impede business with DoD and of course, all the comments were from industry. Organizations need to stop taking the position of he who yells loudest gets action. Instead this administration needs to get a backbone and stand by what is right and in the best interest of the taxpayer rather than contractors. I realize wishful thinking on my part considering the revolving door and the visions of wealth awaiting DoD employees when they leave DoD and other government organizations such as OFPP for industry. POGO keep your voice and keep up the public exposure. Although it may not solve the problem, it brings sunshine to the issue and may make some organizations think a little harder before giving in to contractors.


Obama isn't the problem, it's the people inside OFPP and OMB who listen to their friends working for contractors, lobbyists, and law firms. The withdraw of the rule is another example of collecting comments and, because the contractors screamed the loudest, the government backed-off. POGO is going to need a lot more help, because you are whispering from the hallway and they are inside those offices screaming.


Panetta's crowing this morning about Muby stepping down was parroted by the president's bloviations about victory-in-egypt in a mid-day speech. This suggests he is gullible and a lightweight, captured by his amateur political appointments, esp. in the intel community. So, the fact that he turns turtle on an important acq. reform item can be no surprise. Don't expect much from WH and OMB staff in the way of innovation or action as the time to election shrinks.


A curious change of course...

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