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Jan 20, 2011



To Joe and Mark above - yep, it's a sad state of affairs. No one out there wants to touch this issue of lack of oversight of the SEC by congress, NO ONE! I have brought this issue up a number of times on internet posting and not only do these concerns get ignored by the authors of financial articles, but most often ridiculed! This all is a very elaborate hoax being played upon working americans and as diabolic as it is, and as much as I hate to compliment the devil's dirty deeds I do have to give the devil his due! These guys have been very clever in trapping all the abettors of this atrocity being played upon the american public and entangling a vast myriad of players in its deadly web. And what is even more frustrating is the look in the eyes of americans when one tries to warn of these misdeeds....I throw up my hands.....and Brian above, yep I believe you are correct-we are talking about survival of civilization here!

Joe Jefferis

Please take a few minutes to read my public comment to the Securities Exchange Commission from August 2010.


My suggestion is to avoid interaction with the SEC and do not waste your time or money attempting to blow the whistle or report criminal activity. Please learn from my experience.

Mark J. Novitsky

My name is Mark J. Novitsky and tragically I'm a long-term SEC / National Security whistleblower...since the Chris Cox days. And with Schapiro and Khuzami I knew corruption would remain the status quo...but didn't imagine things could get worse! My Congressman Keith Ellison is on the House Financial services Commission and knows FULL WELL about the deceit and criminal complicity...he is even involved as knowing of a felony and failing to take action is in itself a crime...Has refused to sign a pledge to fully and independently investigate financial crimes...even when committed by regulators! -

brian t bayer

nothing has changed. this week obama came out for less
regulation want to bet he is going to start here? he has to
get the cash flowing back to the dnc and this is how you make it happen! people will continue to be threatened and put
in jail while goldman sachs continues its rule of planet earth
with people in the treasury of most countries governments.
we are talking about the survival of the planet not just
the rich getting richer!

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