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Jan 27, 2011


Keven Barnes

The DOJ are covering up for the companies giving bribes in Kuwait. We read about the Contracting Officer taking the bribes and being convicted - but not about the suspensions of these companies.

Congressman Franken needs to get FAR 5.202 (a) (12) taken off the Federal Acquisition Regulations books. It is allowing these corrupt contracting officer to bypass posting of what the Regulations call the sole GPE - Government Point of Entry, www.fbo.gov also known as FEDERAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. Contracting Officers like USAF Lt Arnett are steering contracts in Afghanistan and using sites like www.jccs.gov to hide solicitations and say you have to be registered to get the solicitation when he admits it is not needed. He posts solicitations for 24 hours and ignores time zones and calls that competition. Over 30 Contracting Officer have gone to jail from Camp Arifjan Kuwait under base commander Colonel John Alexander and General Joe Bass. FAR 5.202 (a) (12) says only Local bidders may bid and the opportunities are not seeing the American Businessman's eyes on FEDBIZOPPS www.fbo.gov because of corrupt contracting officers steering contracts.

U.S. Small Businesses have the right to bid on all solicitations for U.S. Taxpayer dollars. Sites like www.fedbid.com have no business not abiding by the exact same rules as www.fedbizopps.gov

Tackle this problem Congressmen. It is exactly how corruption is legalized in Kuwait and Afghanistan.

Cancel FAR 5.202 (a) (12) LOCAL BUSINESS ONLY

Keven L. Barnes


I feel so beaten down. I don't see how we can win. We just don't have the numbers. Why did the people vote the Republican's back in? Now the country is going to finish going down the tubes. So many of our fellow Americans have lost everything....EVERYTHING! I just don't know how this is a democracy. everyone I speak with say that they voted Democrat so how did the Republicans get in. I give up.

Bruce Eggum

No Al is not "conservative Rep" type. He is Democrat Common Sense type who confronts fraud and illegal acts. I appreciate Al bringing this out. We need to support this type of action so all the fraudsters are confronted. The out-sourced military is a huge concern and fraud.

Jim Bauer

Al Franken is more conservative than most Republicans. Why hasn't the so-called liberal media put a spot light on this multi-billion theft of taxpayer money?

Mike Hammond

Seems as though it is business as usual in the republican way. As long as they're making money then it perfectly OK to break the laws an do as they wish. Seems that oversight needs a good eye exam.
I just want to say a huge atta-boy for Sen. Frankin. I got the opportunity to sit and chat with him years ago at the Texas State Convention. I left that evening wishing that he was from Texas and would be our representative. He is long suffering in his attempts to get the right thing done and I know that he will get it done. But it takes a special man that can fight the fight, hit the walls, bounce off and get back into it again. He is a real scrapper and we all are very fortunate and blessed to have him in Washington.

Lloyd Klefstad

When is this gov't going to start closing the over 1000 unused military bases around the world? Also the new stealth jet fighters are so far over budget, are designed defective. The DOD should not be treated as any waste that takes place in their dept.s is to be overlooked..this must stop,ASAP!

Lloyd Klefstad

It's about time someone in Washington started taking the fraud subject seriously.

Scott Redden

It's nice to see Sen. Franken bringing some much needed common sense talk about fiscal conservativism in matters that really can make a difference in government efficiency....Hope we can expand to include such oversight in the medicare system too......

Jodie Cook

Shame on our government officials for protecting,and rewarding Govt.contractors who continue defraud the American tax payer with piss poor performance, over inflated prices, unbelievable poor service and down right
criminal behavior. The contractors and their elected cronies should share the same cell.

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